We request all handlers read the Rules of Play before attending class!

Puppy Class

Pups 8 weeks- 5 months


Class  Date: no scheduled classes



                     5 wks,  1hr class, 6 dogs per class


The most important class you’ll ever do with your puppy! This period of your puppy's life falls in the sensitive learning stage of 7 to 20 weeks, when it is so important to find positive social experiences for your pup.  Pure Gold Puppy training course offers social interaction with pups of the same age and teaching basic skills and commands -- PLUS a secure fenced outdoor yard to play with puppy friends before and after class :)   Information will  be shared regarding puppy behaviour, common issues and learning stages, so that you can start your pup off right!  We will talk about house training methods, managing jumping up and nipping as well as lots of games that build all the basic skills such as sit, down, come and  leash walking.

Get a head start with your Puppy, give them a foundation of skills that will set your puppy up for a lifetime of enjoyment. Fostering a positive environment for leaning through play. 


Puppy Next Step
Class Start Date: Mondas or Tuesdays
Cost:  $150  no tax     5 weeks 1 hr class 6 dogs per class
Prerequisite for this class is our Puppy class. This class will continue on your learning path with your puppy building on their existing skills while adding additional skills through the use of shaping and  positive reinforcement. Your puppy will continue to gain confidence in all situations. working in a distracted environment and focusing on you.  This class will help ensure success in any dog sport you choose to pursue. Or if you want to keep you puppy engaged and continue learning, this is the class for you.
Does your dog need to learn some Manners?
Please inquire for private sessions.


Recall revisited: Does your dog have a terrific recall or maybe they need a refresher? 


This four week course will be dedicated to recall greatness through the use of games and positive reinforcement. You and your dog will have great fun building your relationship  to ensure solid recall success






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