Frequently asked questions:


Where will the classes be held?

Classes will be held at Pure Gold Dog Training Hall at 1140 Front Street (by the 4way stop) long low building with bright yellow doors!  Park at the BACK of the large parking lot, beside the brick daycare building,  Follow sign on fence to walkway.  Classes will be held inside, there is also a fully fenced outdoor exercise yard for meet & greets and off leash puppy play.  At all other times before and after class, dogs must be on leash as required by city bylaws.


For Agility classes, 2 out of 6 classes will be "field trip" classes where we will meet just outside of town at an outside, fenced agility field for course experience.


What is the best way to get in touch with Pure Gold instructors Anne & Susan?

Email us at  or drop us a message on our Facebook page at Pure Gold Dog Sport! 


What should I bring to class?

FALL/WINTER -- Please bring indoor shoes or run in bare feet to keep our floors dry and clean.  Please trim your dog's nails as our high density dog sport flooring is soft and cushy.  No outdoor shoes or shoes with any type of protrusion may be worn inside, thanks.

Bring a 6 ft leash, ask your instructor re flat collars, gentle leaders and slip leads depending on the class type.


Is there a restroom at the hall?  How about space for my dog?

Yes, a new fully accessible restroom is available.   For all dog students, we have a large outdoor secure fenced exercise yard  (60 ft x 25 ft) to run off leash between classes.  Doggie bags will be available, or please bring your own as pick up after is strictly enforced on all areas of the property including the walkway and parking lot.  Thank you.


Can I bring dog treats, toys, snacks for us ?

Yes!  dog treats and toys are welcome.  Non- sqeaky tug toys are best, as squeaky toys often easily distract other dogs.  For dog treats, we suggest the delicious noncrumbly kind, small bits of real meat, cheese, soft treats to avoid choking, and extra special, so your dog knows THIS is where the best of everything is available.


Dog issues:

Please speak with your instructor prior to your first class if you have any particular issues about training in a group.  We ask everyone to be courteous when entering and exiting the building, closing the gate when leaving the excercise yard.  All dogs are to remain on leash entering and exiting the building.  

Private and Semi-Private instruction is also available in obedience, agility or rally.


Hours of Classes:

Classes will be held evenings Mondays to Thursdays, usually 6 p.m. & 7:15 p.m. start times.  By late fall, there will be classes some Sundays and earlier weekday practice times available.  Ask us about semi or private class times


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