Pure Gold Dog Sport was a wonderful 5 year adventure - thank you to all our students, dogs & puppies, growing, training and having fun with us.  Susan and Anne will be retiring from dog training activities, closing Pure Gold Dog Sport as of April 2020

- We wish you all the best in your dog sport adventures.


With the announcement of a state of emergency our facility is deemed as a indoor recreation facility this means that we will remain closed and will not have any future classes.

Thank you all for your support through participation, and faith in positive, partnership training over these amazing past 5 years.

Anne Beale & Susan Kindratiuk





e-mail us at pgdogsport@gmail.com 

pgdogsport@gmail.com or

send a message on our Facebook page - Pure Gold Dog Sport

Pure Gold Dog Sport

1140 Front Street

North Bay, Ontario


E/ pgdogsport@gmail.com

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