North Bay Dog Agility


A visit to a dog amusement park!  

Dog Agility is running a course off leash with your dog going over jumps, through tunnels & tires, and contact equipment such as an A Frame, Dog Walk and Teeter.  Building a partnership of body cues and verbal signals between you and your dog with both of you getting a great work out physically and mentally!   All breeds can enjoy agility, and there is no age limit for handlers, as many men and women at fun shows and trials are 20 to 70+ years old and having a blast.  Junior handlers, 12 years - 21 are also welcome to run with their buddies.

When the weather turns cold, North Bay's Pure Gold indoor agility practice with all the equipment can offer an active, addictive fitness   -- for BOTH of you to look forward to every week.   In the Summer, enjoy some field trips to a fenced outdoor agility field.  This kind of fun will leave you breathless!!  


E-mail us to request an  **Agility Try Out** - one time 15 minute assessment, see how your dog likes this sport!!


Agility Ready to Go! - Bring your energetic, friendly dog for a test drive! Learn recall, drive and focus games  that you can practice in your own home to get started.  Starting on leash, try out tunnels, tire, jumps and handling.  Test drive your sports car or Mack truck, it all ends up in exercise, mental stimulation and fun foundation games. Year round, your dog will enjoy a busy night out with their best friend -- you!

Next Session starts:   No Scheduled classes

6 weeks- 1 hr lessons  

limit of 5 dogs per class

Trainer:   Anne Beale

Agility Level 1 & 2  - You and your dog are ready to run short sequences off leash, Started on all agility equipment, ready to start building handling skills and confidence on the A Frame, Dog Walk, Teeter, Tire and 2x2 weaves.  Two field trips per session in May to August to a fenced agility field to practice full runs.  Fall & Winter months, come enjoy this indoor dog gym/playground to develop contact and jumping skills with hand/body signals and speed turns. 


Next session starts:  No scheduled classes

6 weeks-

limit of 5 dogs per class

Trainer:   Anne Beale



Agility Drills & Skills -  Your dog and you are a team, able to negotiate all agility equipment, and ready for quick handling and challenging weaves.  Indoor high density flooring is wonderful for sharp turns, and building drive and focus to the talented team you have become.  Now get ready to head out to our Callander Agility field.  Three classes indoors, then three out at the field to try all the skills and equipment out.


Different skill focus each week with field trips in Spring & Summer, ready for fun shows or trials, where you can  cheer on your agility friends all season.  Year round your dog enjoys the exercise he craves, while you build confidence, communication and success with your best partner.


Next session starts: 

6 weeks- 

limit of 4 dogs per class

Trainer:   Anne Beale


Agility Canine Runners PRACTICE GROUP - For experienced handlers and Agility dogs familiar with all agility equipment, open practice time with hall set up for short drills and fun runs.

Sunday a.m. 

4 dogs max per group 1 hr 

Trainer:  Anne Beale

Excellent Class - Each week this  course will challenge you with new skills that will  take your handling and partnership to the next level.  Small classes ensure individual attention to bring success to your Agility runs and build the confidence you and your dog need to compete.  Rules and game strategy will also be part of the fun. Indoor handling skills at the hall and an opportunity to play on an outdoor fenced field with full size equipment and rubberized contacts.  Members of this class will also be invited to outdoor play on selected evenings and weekends for extra practice and games skill building.



6 weeks- 1 hr lessons

limit of 4 dogs per class

Trainer:   Susan Kindratiuk


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