Anne & Susan dreamed:   What if we could find a big indoor hall near downtown, safe fenced yard, lots of parking, install high quality dog sport flooring and invite everyone and their dog in North Bay & Area to come and play?! -- THAT would be Pure Gold!!


Welcome to Pure Gold Dog Sport

a meeting place for like-minded people who have a passion for dogs.


Positive Training Methodology

Pure Gold Dog Sport trains using positive reinforcement and motivational methods. To help your dog understand what we are trying to teach them, we use food rewards. This method of teaching is proven to accelerate the learning process for dogs. The alternative to positive training, is to use compulsion and adversive methods and this type of training is not only old-fashioned and highly outdated, but also produces dogs that work out of fear and not because they “want” to. At Pure Gold we want both you and  your dog to enjoy the learning and training process.


Susan Kindratiuk: Dogs have been a constant in my life. For over 40 years, I have trained hundreds of dogs of all breeds and mixes by using positive reinforcement techniques always evolving and enhancing my training skills with each opportunity and each dog. I have been a long standing trainer with Nipissing Kennel Club, have organized CKC Obedience trials, provided demonstrations in obedience, agility, rally and  ran a Bite-Free program in North Bay schools teaching children how to properly approach dogs and stay safe. I am a member of the AAC (Agility Association of Canada), the CPE (Canine Performance Events Association), the Nipissing Kennel Club, and the CAPPDT (Canadian Association of Professional Pet Dog Trainers). My dogs have been titled in AAC,CKC & CPE Agility, CKC Obedience, and CKC and CARO Rally,. I have been competing & training dogs for fun since I was 12 years of age!


In the early 90's, the new game of Agility spread through Toronto and Ottawa regions and I was hooked. Equipment started popping up in my yard, and with my dogs already trained for other dog sport, I challenged their obedience skills with this new fun sport. I have continued to guide other agility enthusiasts, who want to increase their skill and become true partners with their K9 companions. Last summer Dash, my 10 year old Golden was awarded her Gold Achievement Award with AAC earning 100 Qualifying Game scores in Master level & 50 Qualifying Standard runs, she was also the 8th top Agility Dog with the CKC for 2013.  Aer, my 2.5 year old Golden is my up and coming star developing skills in Agility, Rally and Obedience, she teaches me new lessons every day and has reminded  me how much and how fast young pups can learn.  I  look forward to working with new handlers and their dogs,  helping them discover the joy of building a strong partnership through the use of positive reinforcement and learning how to play!.

Anne Beale: I agree, Susan, communication between you and your dog can be way more than you imagine right now. From obedience to agility, to the freedom of off-leash bush walks, these interactive games and sport activities give your dog clear language, trust, confidence and such social fun! I have trained hunter horses and dogs for over 30 years, owned all kinds of breeds of dogs - from a delightful small poodle to a dalmatian who trailed with my horse - and re-trained 4 rescues who lived with us until old age. Currently, my two Australian Shepherds Jagg (10 years) - an awesome sheep herding fan and Scandal (6 years) who is trialing with me in AAC Masters level, AtchC, always give me their full enthusiastic attention.


Teaching Obedience and Agility at North Bay Animal Hospital, then with Sleep Over Rover in Callander over the past 5 years, and trialing in AAC Agility at Muskoka, Barrie and Ottawa, have brought me so much more than experience, success and ribbons, such as volunteering at trials to watch and learn more, working with so many like-minded people who just enjoy spending time with their dogs, and laughing together at all the possible outcomes, exchanging such positive energy. Scandal and I have participated in hands-on seminars by Tracy Skelar, Sandra Bourne, Gary White, Lynda Yielding, Alen Marekovic and working closely with Susan over the years has allowed me to find that close connection and refine best methods to share this training with new handlers and their dogs for fun and competition.  I have been very proud to train and support many new handlers entering Fun shows &  trials at AAC Starter levels going on to the thrill of success at trials as part of our Northern Canine Runners club (NCR).

Susan and I have both lived in Callander area for most of our lives, our boys are the same age, even our mail occasionally would be delivered to each other's addresses....but it wasn't until I was competing in a Muskoka Agility Dog (MAD) Trial when she ran across a field to congratulate me on my first red qualifying ribbon that we began training and working together. Now we would like to invite you to join us at Pure Gold Dog Sport and start building a rewarding, fun-filled interactive partnership with your new puppy or older dog through obedience, agility and rally sports.

Pure Gold Dog Sport would like to thank Ron Tambeau of Tambeau Construction for the opportunity and support in preparing our site and joining us in the vision of bringing this indoor dog sport facility into reality in North Bay.  

Much Appreciated!!   Anne & Susan.


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