Good communication goes two ways with both partners listening and learning.  You and your dog can speak a universal nonverbal languange, a team ready to take on all kinds of interactive games and fun sports - great for the body and the brain!  And the Best Part is that your dog is already fluent!  


Come join and learn the connection, joy, and partnership of positive reinforcement training at Pure Gold Dog Sport.

Positive Training Methodology

Pure Gold Dog Sport trains your dog using positive reinforcement and motivational methods. This method of training focuses on having the dog learn self control and introducing the trainer(owner) and the dog to the concept of shaping behavior, rather than trying to control behavior. In this method the dog makes their own choices and is rewarded for the making the right choices. To help your dog understand what we are trying to teach them, we use interactive work-play-work short sessions with food/toy/praise rewards. This method of teaching is proven to accelerate the learning process for dogs. The alternative to positive training, is to use compulsion and adversive methods and this type of training, often produces dogs that work out of fear and not because they “want” to, or understand what they are doing.


Pure Gold Dog Sport was a wonderful 5 year adventure - thank you to all our students, growing, training and having fun with us! 

Susan and Anne will be retiring from dog training activities, closing Pure Gold Dog Sport as of this April 2020

- We wish you all the best in your dog sport adventures.


With the announcement of a state of emergency our facility is deemed as a indoor recreation facility which means that we will remain closed and will not have any future classes.

Thank you all for your support through participation, and faith in positive, partnership training over these amazing past 5 years.

Anne Beale & Susan Kindratiuk

Entrance at back of parking lot, follow signs down walkway

PURE GOLD DOG SPORT 1140 Front St & O'Brien 

e-mail us at to arrange a visit!


Find the JOY with your dog



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